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The village of Berevce

Berevce, the village on the slopes of Shar mountain on the see height of 974 meters, leans on Strpce, a small town which has been and it still is the centre of Sirinicka zupa, as it has been the name on the south of Kosovo and Metohija for a long time, along with upper watershed down of Lepenac, between Urosevac and Prizren.

The Janicevics'

We, the family of Janicijevic, the inhabitants of this beautiful place, still keep the tradition of our ancestors we have inherited, and we deal with making Shar cheese and other dairy products. The tradition of production of this auchthon cheese is more than a hundred years old and is transferred from generation to generation. We are very proud to be the active part of our local community, celebrating our rich family history on this area, dating from 1921.

Everyday life

Today, Jadran with huge assistance of his father Ljubisa, administers the household, regularly takes the cattle grazing and he takes care about it. Mother Srbinka is in charge for milking of the cows and making cheese, as well as his wife Jelena, who, apart from looking after their children, takes an active part in everyday chores.

Loyal companion

Considering the fact that there are frequent attacts of wolves, Shar planinac (Serbian mountain dog) called Meda (Teddy Bear) is in charge of protection.

This sort of dogs is characteristic for this area. Its characteristics are intelligence, courage and decisiveness. It is extremely resistant to cruel conditions prevailing on high altitudes. It is very devoted to its owner and the family he lives with, as well.

Mountain's Life

In winter, the cows are situated in spacious barns and they enjoy the hey we have collected for them earlier in summertime. Apart from the cows, we also breed the poultry, grow the organic fruit (apples, pears, plums, raspberries) as well as various vegetables. Our goal is to stay on our family farm and to realize the vision that will enable untroubledly functioning of our family household in the future in a sustainable way and for generations to come.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become the leading supplier of high quality, auchthon cheese to domestic retail food industry and buyers all around the world.
Preservation of traditional production, characteristics and quality of Shar cheese.
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