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The recipe for making this specialty of Sirinicka zupa has remained the same as it was a hundred years ago. Shar cheese is hard cheese, made of raw cow or sheep milk. This traditional, but at the same time ecological method, includes cows or sheep milking with hands, which is followed by filtrating of fresh milk and heating on the temperature of 30-35 °C.


To make one kilogram of cheese, it is necessary to have 10 liters of cow milk or 7-8 liters of sheep milk. The following step is pouring of the rennet into the heated milk. The rennet is used in order to separate fat apart of milk and whey. After leaving the milk to stay for a while with mixing from time to time, it is poured into a bigger dish with a gauze and filtrated.

The cheese made this way is comprised in the gauze and is tightly pressed to eliminate all the water, and then it is left for 12 hours to be filtrated completely. It is made in the forms of round, flat clumps which are then dried in a dark place with a good flow of air. The time of drying is usually from fourteen to twenty days, and it can be even longer, depending on the season


After drying some special liquid for cheese salting is prepared. It is the mixture of milk and salt (usually about 200-300 grams of big salt should be melted in one liter of water) where already dried and cut cheese is put and then it is left for around ten days getting the hardness and quality in that way. After that, the cheese is ready to be used.